Diversity is our strength. Fresh ideas are our fuel. With each contribution, the world gets closer and more open. The sense of belonging grows.

By living and breathing technology, we can help change the world around us on a larger scale. Not just in the tech community, but in the way others harness the power of technology to make a difference. Our expertise translates to transformation.

We're not just another web registrar. Inside and outside of our office walls, we're driven by brave people changing the world with their ideas, stories, and dreams. That's why we believe those who contribute make us better. And it's why we create simple, useful tools to empower participation in the world’s bravest communication space: the Internet.

 This is who we are. This is why we exist. And this is how we make it happen.

Everyone should be able

to contribute online


Working with creators and innovators who define themselves by their diversity is paramount. From SoulPancake to the Unmistakable Creative, from Yellow Conference to The Next Big Thing, we align ourselves with organizations that care about the impact they have on the world.

Non-profits, students, social enterprises and more know that they can come to Rebel for discounts on our innovative products and services. We've even been known to pair them with in-house experts who can help them succeed online, bringing their bold ideas to the world faster and more efficiently than they could have dreamed. Want to apply?



We have some smart and talented people within these walls, and it’s just not right to keep that all to ourselves. So this is where you’ll find us: out in our local community, speaking on panels, sharing knowledge at conferences, rallying creatives and entrepreneurs online, and everywhere else in between.  

We launched the Rebel blog to inspire our community to make the most of their voice online, and to answer all of the most pressing questions we’ve been asked. Need to know how this whole Internet thing works? Don’t know where to begin with SEO? Looking for ideas on how to brand yourself? This resource is for anyone and everyone who wants to expand their knowledge and skills. Share the wealth, we say.



We only provide the tools – it’s our customers who make them come alive. So when their creations impact the world in a positive way, we shine the spotlight directly on them through our Rebel Stories profiles. And our customers really think big. Don’t believe us? Just take a look at what Stand With Congo and YogiWino have accomplished.

Janine, YogiWino.ca


Our office is more than just a place that we work. It’s a hub for the tech community, a hangout spot for entrepreneurs, and a place to brainstorm and network. We’ve played host to everyone from Ladies Learning Code to Fuckup Nights, transforming our space into a vessel for hackathons and inspirational (and ridiculous) tales.

We put our money where our mouth is by encouraging our employees to give to causes that matter to them. When they do, we match them: dollar for dollar.



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